Unsafe CPS School Conditions Reporting Form
If you have reported in-person to your CPS school or other work site, please complete this form so we can help track any unsafe working conditions.

CPS changed their position on our Clerks (and other members) once again with NO notice, discussion, or input from the impacted members or union officials.

Starting 8/26, CPS is telling all Clerks to report to work fulltime, in-person for the entire first quarter- even when their work can be completed remotely. CPS indicated that Tech Coordinators are supposed to report starting 8/31 and they have implied that clinicians, itinerants, and ASL interpreters might be asked to report for some students services as well.

Any work that CAN be done remotely SHOULD be done remotely. All CTU members should have the same right that CPS says they recognize for our teachers: If your work can be completed from home, you should have that option. CPS must bargain with CTU over the exceptions--they are currently not taking seriously their obligation to bargain to agreement.

Even if you believe that some of your duties must at times be done from within the school, there is no way that members who have already successfully done work from home should be sent into the buildings recklessly, unnecessarily, or unsafely.

Requiring in-person work for duties that could be performed remotely endangers not just CTU members, but our communities too! Even the city still recommends that “staying home saves lives.”

While we continue to push CPS to negotiate and establish a fair, city-wide policy that protects our safety, members being directed into unsafe situations need to speak out and push back!

If you’ve been instructed to report to work in-person and don’t feel safe,
1. Ask your principal/supervisor: Does this work need to be complete now and in person? Why?
2. Ask your principal/supervisor: What safety measures have been put in place for me at the school?
3. Raise any specific safety concerns you have and ask how they are being addressed. Request any technology or supplies that would allow you to do work remotely.
4. If you are still instructed to report to work under conditions that are not safe, you can consider not reporting, punching in at home, and reporting to your principal/supervisor what work you are doing remotely. However, know that if you do this, your principal may track and share with CPS that you have not reported and CPS may consider discipline. We have a legal and grievance strategy in place and will do anything and everything to defend you keeping safe if you choose not to report.
5. If you report in-person, please take pictures and document any unsafe working conditions that you witness using this form.
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1. Your Name (This is only for internal CTU purposes and will not be shared further.): *
2. Your Position Title: *
3. Your School: *
4. If you work in multiple schools or selected citywide above, please indicate which CPS school or other building you have reported in-person to:
5. On what dates have you reported to a school building or other office so far this SY 20-21? *
6. Has your school provided you with adequate masks? *
7. If your school has provided you with a mask, what type of mask is it?
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8. Did your school provide any instructions on how put a provided mask on, on how to wear the mask, how to take the mask off, or how to care for the mask?
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9. If your school provided instructions on how to wear the mask, who provided the instructions? (Please share which person in what position provided the instructions--we do not need their name.)
10. If your school provided instructions on how to wear the mask, by what mechanism were the instructions provided?
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11. Are other staff you are encountering in the building wearing masks at all times while inside the school building? *
12. What other staff have you seen not wearing masks (do not use specific names, just job titles)?
13. Are all guests to the building wearing masks at all times while inside the school building? *
14. Has your school provided disposable gloves? *
15. Has your school provided you with a face shield? *
16. Has your school installed sneeze guards in spaces where you or other staff are expected to engage with parents, families, students or other visitors? *
17. Do you have a designated work space in your building which is ventilated to the outdoors (e.g. windows that open enough to allow air to move)? *
18. Do you have a designated work space that allows you to maintain at least 6 feet distance from any other staff or other person reporting to the building? *
19. How often is your designated work space being regularly cleaned and sanitized?​ *
20. Has anyone from your school observed your workspace and talked with you about possible hazards and how to fix them?
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21. Has anyone at your school asked YOU to report possible hazards so they could be fixed?
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22. Have you received training on CPS’s health protocols related to COVID-19? *
23. To your knowledge, are members of the public entering your school building? *
24. To your knowledge, are health screenings taking place consistently for everyone who enters the building? *
25. Who (if you are aware) is the principal’s designee in your building to perform health screenings for employees and visitors to the building?
26. To your knowledge, does your school have an air purification system installed? *
27. Are you aware of any indoor air quality problems at your school that occurred prior to March 2020? *
28. Does the room you work in have any vents for air intake or air exhaust? *
29. If the answer is no and you do not have any vents in your work space, please state the room number of the room you are working in? (If you work in multiple schools, please indicate which school or schools this applies to.)
30. Is your designated work area larger than 12’ x 12’ (or 144 square feet)?
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31. How many other individual staff are assigned to work in the same designated work space as you?
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32. Over the last week when you were in your school building, how many people on average did you come into direct contact with each day? *
33. At any point in your work, do you spend 15 or more minutes of direct contact with any one person during the day? (This means 15 minutes total time, which may be over the course of several contacts on the same day.)
Clear selection
34. What specific work are you being asked to report in school buildings to complete for this SY 20-21? (Please provide a short list.) *
35. Please share here any other concerns or unsafe conditions that you have witnessed in your school building so far this SY 20-21:
36. Please submit any photographs of unsafe conditions in CPS school or other buildings. Take a photo with your cell phone. From your cell phone, upload your photo to your Google Drive (your personal Google account is best). Copy/paste the link to share the photo from your Google Drive into the answer for this question. You can also forward evidence or photos to your CTU Field Representative (who you can find here: ctulocal1.org/reps) or email organizing@ctulocal1.org.
37. Did you complete any in-person work in your school or another CPS building last spring (after schools were closed on March 17th) between late March 2020 and June 30, 2020? *
38. Did you complete any in-person work in your school or another CPS building this summer (between July 1, 2020 and your start date for the new school year 2020-2021)? *
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