Spiritual Life Coaching Client Application: Boldly Answering the Highest Calling of Your Heart
Thank you for your interest in applying to be a spiritual life coaching client with Abundant Good Coaching and Training. If you have any questions about this application, please email Dr. Joselito Laudencia at joselito@abundantgood.com

You can read more about my approach to spiritual life coaching by clicking here:
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What have you tried already to help with this issue? What’s worked and what hasn’t worked so far? *
Have you worked with a life coach, therapist, counselor, or someone similar before? If yes, please elaborate on your experience. *
Why are you specifically reaching out to me, as opposed to another life coach, counselor, therapist or professional? Is there something about me or my approach that resonates with you? *
If you can resolve your challenges and have your life just the way you want it, what do you want to experience in regards to the issues you are facing? *
What is it costing you to not resolve these issues and challenges, to you and to others? *
Here is a list of qualities of the clients who work best with me and my approach. Please check off all the qualities that you feel you embody or resonate with. *
If your application is approved, you will be invited to schedule a  60-minute life coaching consultation and mini-coaching session. The cost of this consultation/session is a nominal fee of $150. Please check this box to indicate your understanding of this. *
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