I'm showing up to Resist AIPAC, Reclaim and Reimagine our Community! #IfNotNow, When?
Filling out this form is your registration to join IfNotNow's mobilization to DC to Resist AIPAC, Reclaim and Reimagine Our Community. We will share more information in follow up emails.


What is IfNotNow?
IfNotNow is a popular movement led by young Jews building a vibrant future for our American Jewish community by demanding freedom and dignity for all people and an end to our community’s support for the occupation. More info about IfNotNow can be found on the website: http://ifnot.net.

What is the Resist AIPAC, Reclaim and Reimagine our Community Mobilization?
We are presenting a vision for our community, a vision of a joyous and liberated community that opposes the occupation and demands freedom and dignity for all. At 50 Years of Occupation, we know that we have let AIPAC present themselves as a major voice of the Jewish community for too long. They are out of touch with the values of the Jewish community by their support of endless occupation and support for the Trump administration. We will bring our message to Washington, DC this March to Resist AIPAC, Reclaim and Reimagine our Community.

Wondering if this Mobilization is right for you?
Jews and allies of all ages and all levels of experience attending actions are welcome! IfNotNow is building a movement led by young Jews and we're bringing our elders, entire community and allies along with us.


Housing, Travel, Food:
IfNotNow is coordinating housing, some meals and snacks, and charter buses roundtrip to DC from Boston and New York City. More information is in the "Travel and Housing" section of this form. You can also make your own arrangements if you'd like.

DC Schedule:
Friday 3/24: Welcome Shabbat dinner and ritual
Saturday 3/25: Join us in our Shabbat practice - Prayer, Workshops, Teach-ins, Direct Action Training, Art Build, IfNotNow 101, etc
Sunday 3/26: Resistance at AIPAC - Mass Mobilization!
Monday 3/27: Continued disruption, Anti-islamophobia Day of Action, Action at AIPAC Gala Event

We appreciate the huge commitment of time and energy you are making to join this mobilization. We do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone to take action.
We do ask that if you are able that you donate $20 to help us meet the costs for food, housing, meeting spaces and materials. IfNotNow is coordinating housing options in DC. Housing options will range from home-stays to hostels/churches lending their space. A small charge ranging from $10-25 might be asked to cover that cost.

Our expectations:
IfNotNow expects that everyone who attends this action will be present with our group from the start until the end. Please plan for being fully present at the action. If that is not possible for you, please let us know in the "Anything else?" section at the bottom.


Q: Can I bring signs or a banner from another organization to represent my group in DC?
A: No. We ask that you do not bring signs or banners from other organizations. We want our messaging to be crystal clear to the public and so we are uniting under the banner of IfNotNow. We're happy to share more about why we've made this strategic choice.

Q: What activities will we be doing in DC? Is this mobilization accessible and appropriate for elders or children?
A: On Sunday, March 26th plan to be able to stand, sit and march outside for 4-6 hours. Wear layers and comfy shoes - it may be cold, raining or snowing. We'll share more details about the schedule and plans at the Pre-Action Meetings. Please share your accessibility needs with us. We will do our best within our limitations to support your participation. Please share this in the "More About You!" section of this form.

Q: Will there be civil disobedience? How much risk will I be taking?
A: You will not need to participate in civil disobedience. We will support you in making an informed choice about how much risk you take.

Q: Is IfNotNow right for me?
A: IfNotNow celebrates Jewish cultural diversity as a source of resilience. We are a diasporic people and value the experiences of all Jews in this movement, knowing that there are as many ways of being Jewish as there are Jews. We are committed to creating spaces that lift up the experiences of Jews of color, Jews of Mizrachi and Sephardic descent, working class Jews, Jews with disabilities, and trans and genderqueer Jews.

Any Questions: Please reach out to Shira Tiffany at shiratiffany@gmail.com.

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We're excited that you are joining us to Resist AIPAC: Reclaim and Reimagine our Community.

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