Legal Innovation and Technology Lab (LIT Lab) Pre-Engagement Form
If you would like to explore the viability of an engagement, please answer the questions below, and someone will be in touch. This form does not create an agreement to take you or your group on as a client. It is intended only as means to help us assess the viability of an engagement. For more information about the LIT Lab, visit:
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Resist the urge to talk about solutions. Tell us what problem you are having, not how you think it might be solved. For example, "We are a legal aid agency struggling to connect clients with relevant services because..."
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Given what you know about the problem, if you had to guess, which of the following features might you expect to see in a solution? Select all that apply, and feel free to add your own.
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By when would you like to have a working product? If you don't have an exact date in mind, pick something in the ballpark or leave this question blank.
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Given existing resources, what is your budget of money and/or staff time?
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