Tell Congress to Fund Better Bike Infrastructure
Please consider signing onto the letter below urging Congress to prioritize key bike programs in the surface transportation funding reauthorization process. We will send this letter across the House of Representatives after collecting signatures. We would like to send this letter after 10/11, so please sign on in advance. You can direct any questions to Noa Banayan (

The Honorable Peter DeFazio
House Transportation and Infrastructure
2253 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable Sam Graves
Ranking Member
House Transportation and Infrastructure
2253 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Chairman DeFazio and Ranking Member Graves:

On behalf of the undersigned companies, I would like to outline the bicycle industry’s priorities
in the transportation funding reauthorization process. As your committee drafts legislation, we
look forward to working closely with your staff to modernize our surface infrastructure
networks, including for those who choose to use bicycles for transportation and recreation.

As you may know, PeopleForBikes represents companies that manufacture and distribute
bicycles, bicycle parts, and bicycle accessories. The bicycle industry in the United States is an
$81 billion industry that supports more than 780,000 jobs. Bicycling provides Americans with
an inexpensive and increasingly popular, clean, and low-cost mode of transportation and
outdoor recreation. We are pleased with the approach the Senate Environment and Public
Works Committee recently took in advancing the America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act
(S. 2302), especially as it relates to the Transportation Alternatives Program, Recreational
Trails Program, safety incentives and climate change. As you continue to develop
reauthorization legislation, we hope you will consider the following approaches to improve
America’s long-term infrastructure outlook:

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP): We support an increase in TAP funding to
more than $2 billion annually by 2025. TAP is the largest federal funding source to help
communities build bike and pedestrian safety infrastructure, including on and off-road bicycle
facilities. Additionally, we support language that would provide for greater local control of TAP
funding in close alignment with bipartisan legislation we have actively supported this Congress
(Transportation Alternatives Enhancement Act, S. 1098).

Recreational Trails Program (RTP): The RTP provides essential funds to states to develop
and maintain recreational trails, trailheads, and bike parks for both nonmotorized and
motorized recreational trail uses. We support an authorization of a non-highway recreational
fuel study. Such a study could justify significant funding increases for the RTP (potentially up
to $200 million annually), which would need to be authorized by Congress.

Federal Land Transportation Program (FLTP) Set-Aside: As cycling becomes more
popular on federal lands, we support a five percent set-aside for bicycle and pedestrian
infrastructure within the FLTP. We believe this would help to address the need for safe
bicycling and walking on federal lands and would help to better support all modes of
transportation, including those that are non-motorized.

Safety Incentive Programs: We support the Senate EPW’s inclusion of $500 million for
states and localities to increase safety for vulnerable users, including people on bikes. This
would require areas with high rates of fatalities for non-motorized road users to focus
investments on improvements and would offer grants to those that can prove a decrease in
safety risks for vulnerable users over a set amount of time.

Carbon Reduction Incentive Programs: We appreciate the Senate EPW’s inclusion of the
first climate title in any transportation reauthorization bill. We support the $10 billion
investment over five years in projects aimed at reducing emissions and enhancing resilience
in the face of a changing climate. Facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists (including the
conversion and use of rail corridors for pedestrian and bike trails) would be eligible under this

Networks and Spines: We support an investment in networks and spines to connect trails
and multi-use paths to provide safe and accessible options for biking and walking. While trails
are present in many communities, they are not always connected -- reducing the ability of
residents who don’t own motor vehicles to safely reach their destinations. Our goal is to link
these trails into full and complete networks. We believe Congress should include a grant
program in the final reauthorization to help communities, cities, and states achieve
connectivity through expanding networks and spines.

America’s antiquated infrastructure network is in desperate need of investments in active and
sustainable modes of transportation. The above priorities represent the interests of the
undersigned groups in our collective effort to ensure that people who ride bikes in America
can access safer, connected and all-around better biking.

We greatly appreciate the work you and the committee have done and will continue to do to
develop a visionary surface transportation policy. We look forward to working with you as the
reauthorization discussions continue.

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