Hanzo's 2019 State of Internal Investigations Survey
Every organization conducts internal investigations in response to potential risks, misconduct, whistleblowing, hotline reports, regulatory violations, and criminal activity.

But how those investigations are done, what they're focused on, where you find evidence, and whether or not those efforts are effective can vary. At Hanzo, our goal isn't just to help you conduct more conclusive and efficient investigations with modern technology and web-based evidence, it's to learn about the best practices and strategies of compliance, legal, and eDiscovery professionals around the world, and share those findings with our community.

This self-reflection exercise and benchmark should only take 4 minutes of your time, and by participating, you'll be granted early access to our consolidated research and published report on the 2019 State of Internal Investigations when it's released later this year.

And while good things come to those who wait, we believe in instant gratification too, which is why you'll get a free cup of coffee on us, in the form of a $10 Starbucks gift card, by providing your WORK EMAIL below as you complete the survey.
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What topics or risk areas do you most frequently conduct internal investigations about? (select all that apply) *
How many internal investigations do your organization conduct on an annual basis? *
Of these internal investigations, what percentage do you believe you substantiate or reach a satisfying conclusion to? *
What sources of data do you consider when investigating a claim? *
Do you look for data and information to support your investigation on social media and the web? *
How do you feel about the time it takes to conduct an internal investigation in your organization? *
In your experience, what are the risks or consequences of an inefficient or poorly conducted internal investigation *
How do you currently preserve evidence and data relevant to each investigation? *
Once an investigation starts, do you monitor the subjects of interest and relevant data for new or changed content? *
Which of the following ability are compelling to you and would be helpful to your investigations approach? (Select all that apply) *
Are there any concerns you may have about using a technology capable of these abilities in your organization?
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Would you be interested in trying this technology within your organization in a risk-free setting to see if it could be a viable solution to your internal challenges around investigations? *
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