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Living Wage Concept and Formula: Our basic philosophy is that a person working 40 hours a week/52 weeks a year should be able to afford to pay for their own” basic needs” without government or private assistance.  We define basic needs as housing, food, taxes, healthcare, transportation, and other necessities. We set an hourly wage rate based on a variation of the Universal Living Wage formula and adjust this wage rate annually.  Specific information regarding our formula is available at:

Living Wage: the amount that a single individual must earn hourly to afford their basic necessities, without public or private assistance. For further information on the wage rate visit:

Living Wage Certified Employer: An employer that is accepted in our program and meets or exceeds Just Economics Living Wage Certification criteria.

Apprentice: A individual that is learning a trade, art, or skill by practical experience under skilled workers in exchange for work

Intern: A student or graduate in a professional field gaining supervised practical experience in exchange for work.

Minors: An individual under the age of 18.

Temporary / Project based Employee:  An “as needed” employee that works intermittently and does not work over 45 days in a calendar year.

Independent Contractor: A contractor that works as and when required, not regularly; paid on a freelance basis.  They must receive a “1099”. Independent Contractors paid an hourly rate and consistently working over 8 hours a week must make $2/hr more than the current living wage in order to qualify for certification. The additional wage requirements are meant to cover their individual tax requirements. Businesses whose Independent Contractors work on a “bidding system” are excluded from our Living Wage Certification program

New Hire: An employee who is within their first 90 days of employment during which the employee and employer are evaluating each other.

Tipped Employee: An employee who consistently relies on tips for a percentage of their income.  When averaged out, wage and tips combined must regularly equal at least the living wage rate over the pay period. Just Economics will interview a percentage of tipped employees from any employer that applies for Living Wage Certification using tips in order to qualify in order to ensure that the wage requirements are met.

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Once you hit the "submit" button, this information will be sent to our Executive Director. At this point, Just Economics staff will schedule a meeting to review the certification with the employer outlined on the concern form. This review process should be concluded within 90 days of the receipt of the concern.

While you may choose to remain completely anonymous, it is helpful for Just Economics to be able to contact you directly with questions and information about the review process and to provide you with the results after the review is completed. You can also get an anonymous email address for free from services like Hushmail. (

Please understand that if you choose to remain anonymous, Just Economics cannot provide you with the results after the review is complete. If 90 days have passed since you registered your concern and you still believe that an employer is not following the practices set out in our Living Wage Certified Employer program, please email us again. Ideally we’d appreciate a reply address and we'll do our best to follow up on your concerns and make sure that the situation is resolved.  Thank you!
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