Temple Stay Meditation Retreat
Register and sign up to join Temple Stay Program at Wat Dhammakaya Manchester, 233A Edgeley Road, SK3 0TL, Stockport, England Friday evening to Sunday aftenoon, 21-23 September 2018
Tel 07962492576 / 07305837586

Temple Stay Meditation Retreat Programme

Friday Evening

17:00 - 18:00 Registration
18.00 Evening Chanting / Meditation
19.30 Pre-Orientation & Welcome
22.00 Sleep in the ocean of merits


05.15 Participants wake up
05.30 Morning Chanting/ Meditation
06.30 Exercise/Activity
07.00 Breakfast
09.00 Meditation
11.00 Lunch
13:30 Listening to Dharma talk / Meditation
17.00 Drinking / take a shower / Drink hot tea
18.00 Evening Chanting / Meditation
19.30 Listening to Dharma talk / write diary
22.00 Sleep in the ocean of merits


05.15 Participants wake up
05.30 Morning Chanting/ Meditation
06.30 Morning Exercise
07.00 Breakfast
08.50 Warm up the mind
09.00 Meditation
11.00 Lunch
13:00 - 17:00 Meditation outdoors in the Peak District
19:00 Closing ceremony


After reading the guidelines for joining the retreat and completing the application form, then you are ready to go. Recommendations for the preparation of personal belongings are as follows:

What to Bring

Personal items, bathing equipment and towels
Personal medication
Warm clothing and footwear for cold weather (average low is 15-20C)
Loose, simple, and comfortable clothing, preferably in white or light colors (Sleeveless shirts, shorts, tights and leggings, see-through, tight-fitting or revealing clothing should not be worn in the retreat center)
Individual bottle / flask for water
Flashlight with batteries

What Not To Bring

Alcohol and tobacco
Jewelry and high-priced decorative items


The Meditation Surrey Centre is run by the Dhammakaya Temple, a non-profit organization that promotes world peace through inner peace. Fees are kept to a minimum, and all the proceeds received will be used to maintain the facilities at the centre. This means we are able to keep the course running so that more people will benefit from the Dhammakaya meditation and spread peace to their families, society, and the world.

The registration fee is £30 which includes all meals, accommodation

Payment Methods

***Pay at the temple

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