Ujima Company's #ArtThatHeals Project
Thank you for your interest in our #ArtThatHeals Project! Please complete the following form to submit your art share. Aside from contact information which we will save for internal communications, you only need to complete the information you wish to share. If you have any questions please email maria@ujimacoinc.org
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Short blurb to be shared with the art piece. This could be a reason why you chose this piece, your reflections, a well wish, etc.
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If it is an original work, please send your headshot to maria@ujimacoinc.org if you would like that shared.
Artwork Submission
Please send your shared artwork to maria@ujimacoinc.org if it is a visual/audio piece. Video/audio submissions must be no longer than 3 mins in length. For written works you may copy and paste text below.
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