Why scarce beard growth really does not have to be a problem
You read it everywhere, all women in the world are attracted to men with a full beard. However, you yourself have no talent for growing a beard. What are you doing then? Are you looking for that one lady who has nothing with facial hair? No, we explain why no predisposition to beard growth is not a problem at all.

Scarce beard growth is an issue for many men . They often hear that women prefer a man with facial hair over them. Of course that does not help their image and self-assurance and against better knowledge they try to keep a beard. The result: an unkempt or uneven beard that only works counter productively. With that, the jealousy on men with a full beard only grows and you have to avoid them at all times. Lesson number one: never measure with another person.

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Beard Tips
So it is not for everyone. We are dealing with this at the editorial staff of Manners. This is not to say that we are going to get down to it. The lack of facial hair has nothing to do with your appearance. In fact, it is part of it.

Stubble is more than enough
If you have not managed to grow a nice, full beard so far, try to accentuate your face with stubble. The stubble gives a light shadow over the chin and cheeks. This looks neat and tidy. Stubble can also be simply trimmed. If it gets too long, you can simply update it with a precision trimmer. It gives you an adult appearance. That is exactly what attracts women to men with a beard.

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Uneven beards are an absolute no-go
A good beard is subject to a lot of criteria. We are not going to name all of them now, but at the top of that list is the level. An uneven beard is something you have to avoid at all times. If more hair grows on the left side of your face, keep this in mind. You should actually see a beard as a part of your outfit. If it curses with the rest of your appearance, something goes wrong.

Also check carefully where your beard does and does not grow. Many men have a fairly full chin, lighter hairy cheeks and a bald neck. Trim the beard on the length of the cheeks so that it runs nicely to the chin and keeps the neck clear.

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Do not look at the internet
You should always avoid a wikiHow about how to grow a beard. It differs so enormously per person that there is no general guide to this. Beard growth has everything to do with genes and predisposition. Do not think too long about this and do not spend your money on all kinds of junk that promise you to get a fuller beard. You will return from a cold fair. A tip that we can give you is that you have to take care of your scarce beard. Do not be fooled if you barely have a beard, but still want to use nourishing beard oil.

Ultimately, it's about acceptance

Accept what you have. If you have an uneven beard, you can trim a little there. Do you really have no beard growth or just stubble? Settle for less. The chance that you grow a beard by better nutrition or all sorts of crazy facial hair supplements is small, the chance that it looks a little bit is even smaller. In the beginning we talked about how a beard is part of a complete outfit. If you do not have a beard, this just fits with your complete outfit. Do not be too foolish. There are many more things you can do if you worry about an adult appearance.

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