3D CAC Moped Survey - Public Safety Questions

3D CAC Is Addressing Reckless Driving of Mopeds and ATVs in Washington, DC Yet Again!

 Dear Residents, Business Owners, and  City Workers,

We recognize that the reckless and unlawful actions of some moped and ATV drivers pose significant risks to public safety. It is unacceptable for anyone to feel unsafe while walking or driving in our city, and the behavior of these drivers must be addressed. This is an ongoing citywide crisis.

In response to these concerns that were further amplified and shared at our most recent 3D CAC Public Safety Leaders Meeting in May, 3D CAC is actively working on several measures to improve safety and assisting MPD in enforcing traffic laws more effectively.

We would like to educate and inform both drivers and pedestrians about traffic laws and safety practices. We want to see lawful and responsible riding behavior and increased compliance with traffic regulations. We want stiffer penalties to make our streets safer for everyone. We want to have an opportunity to sleep peacefully at night and to navigate the city without having to experience reckless driving in the streets and alleyways.

We fully support MPD with ramping up public safety patrols and enforcement efforts, particularly in areas with high pedestrian traffic, in front of businesses, on residential streets and at night  especially around 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. We have asked MPD to monitor and address violations by moped and ATV drivers to ensure the safety of our community.

In working with the DC City Council and the Mayor’s Office and Community Members, We are asking for stronger consequences, mandated education, the implementation of stronger regulations, and felony penalties for reckless violations all to promote safer streets.

We encourage residents to report in progress incidents of reckless driving by calling 911. We're also collecting reports of these incidents. Community reports help us to identify problem areas and take appropriate action. We ask that you please continue to provide us with detailed information on any incidents you witness.

Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance, and we are committed to creating a safer environment for all residents.

Thank you for your time and valuable input. Together, we can ensure a Safer, more Secure environment for everyone in Washington, DC.



 Karen Gaal


Third District Citizens Advisory Council (3D CAC)

Washington, DC



For further information or to report incidents that have occured please contact us at 3DCACDC@gmail.com visit www.3DCAC.org to stay up to date on our latest public safety efforts.

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 Community Survey

To help us address these moped issues more effectively, we ask you to complete the following survey. Your feedback is crucial in helping us understand the scope of the problem and develop targeted solutions.

How Do You Enjoy Your Time in Washington, DC? *
How frequently do you witness reckless driving by mopeds or ATVs in your neighborhood? *
What specific locations or streets do you believe are hotspots for reckless driving? *
Have you personally experienced or witnessed any of the following due to reckless driving by mopeds or ATVs? (Check all that apply) *
How safe do you feel walking or driving in areas where moped and ATV stunt shows are common? *
Have You Been Affected By The Noise of Mopeds/ATV's? *

Are you deeply impacted by this moped/ATV issue? 


Does it negatively affect Your home or Your business? 


If yes, please describe what the negative impact is. 


Are you aware of what the requirements are for registration of mopeds/scooters? 


Have you seen police action/intervention taken in response to the driving behaviors of mopeds/scooters?


Do you think there needs to be a centralized location for drivers of moped/scooters/ATVs to congregate as an alternative to congregating in large groups on busy roadways? 


If yes, do you have two suggestions of where that alternate location could be


What do you think are the solutions that should be explored to address any personal and public safety concerns you might have? 


What measures do you think would be most effective in reducing reckless driving by mopeds and ATVs? (Check all that apply)


Are you aware of the moped public safety legislation or City Council measures currently addressing these issues?


Are you aware of the public safety campaigns and increased enforcement measures currently being implemented?


The assessment of this situation in our area will be ongoing Would you like to participate in the 3D CAC community safety meetings, forums or town halls with your neighbors and community leaders to come up with proposed solutions to this situation and to discuss these issues further?


Any additional comments or suggestions on improving public safety regarding mopeds and ATVs?

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