Application Form - Upgrade Yourself Training Course for Volunteers
Dear volunteers,
we are happy you are interested in participating this Training Course, which will take place in Slovenia between 7th and 11th May. Please, fill this in carefully. All the information about you and your projects will help us adjust the Training Course so it's most useful for you :) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on ...

Short practical info: Arrivals 7th May for late lunch, departures 11th May after lunch
Travel expenses: For the Czech participants are covered by the host organisation up to 180EUR per participant (there will probably be possibility to go by a van altogether, which seems to be the easiest way :) )
Any other expenses: Accommodation, food, material, programme - covered by the host organisation
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Special Needs *
If you have any special needs regarding accommodation, food, activities, access - let us know here so we can count on it in advance :)
Are you part of any project team by INEX-SDA or Zavod Voluntariat? Which one? *
Brief info about your project and its topic.
For how long have you been involved in this project? *
Did you realize or take part in any other projets?
Just briefly describe your volunteering experience, so we have an overview about how practiced are you already :)
What would you like to learn during this Training Course? *
Please have a look at the description and share 2-3 short "learning goals"
Any other comments :)
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