Fairfax City-Mason-Vienna Bikeshare Feasibility Study
Thank you for your interest in the Fairfax City-Mason-Vienna Bikeshare Feasibility Study! This study is seeking to evaluate the benefits, opportunities and challenges in bringing bikeshare to the communities of George Mason University-Fairfax Campus, the City of Fairfax, the Town of Vienna, and the Fairfax County neighborhoods around the Vienna/GMU-Fairfax Metrorail station and Burke VRE station. This short survey will help us understand the public's interest in bikeshare and what kind of system will be most effective in our communities. 
Fairfax City-Mason-Vienna Bikeshare Study Area
Do you support bikeshare in the Fairfax City-Mason-Vienna study area?
Strongly Support
Strongly Oppose
How likely are you to USE bikeshare in the Fairfax City-Mason-Vienna study area?
Very Likely
Very Unlikely
What kind(s) of shared bicycles would you prefer to use? (check all that apply)
What types of trips would you like to make on bikeshare? (check all that apply)
What would motivate you to use bikeshare at Mason, in the City of Fairfax, in Fairfax County, and/or in Vienna? (check all that apply)
Do you currently have:
If you have other bikeshare company membership(s), which companies are they?
Your answer
If you have your own bicycle, what would motivate you to use bikeshare?
If you have any other comments about bikeshare in the Fairfax City-Mason-Vienna study area, please provide them below.
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Thank you for your feedback!
If you would like to suggest specific locations for bikeshare stations (fixed docks or dockless parking hubs), please visit http://cabistations.com. Location suggestions from this map will inform this study regardless of what kind of bikeshare system is selected. 

For questions or more information about the study, please visit the study webpage at http://fairfaxva.gov/government/public-works/transportation-division/cycling-in-the-city/bikeshare-study.

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