Cycling in West Somerset
The recent COVID-19 restrictions have profoundly impacted the way people live, work and travel as evidenced by the public’s desire to be more active, and the rise in popularity of cycling and walking (Sport England, 2020).

Faced with the climate emergency and an obesity crisis, encouraging more cycling will enable people to choose active travel for shorter journeys instead of use their cars. This will improve air quality, get people fitter and reduce traffic congestion.

This survey is to find out what might encourage people to cycle more often in West Somerset.
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What is your most frequently used mode of transport for journeys under 5 km/ 3 miles? *
How often, if ever, do you use a bicycle for journeys of under 5 km/ 3 miles? *
What, if anything, prevents you from using a bicycle for short journeys more often?
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Cycling infrastructure can include cycle lanes, traffic-free shared paths, and junctions and roundabouts that are designed to make cycling safer and more appealing. Do you think there is enough good cycle infrastructure in West Somerset to encourage people to cycle regularly for short journeys? *
1 = Very dissatisfied   5 = Very satisfied
Nowhere near enough
More than enough
If you have children in your close or extended family, what is their main mode of transport to get to school? *
Thinking about the existing cycling infrastructure in West Somerset, please score how well you feel it encourages cycling to school. *
Very poorly
Very well
Would better cycling infrastructure encourage you or your family to cycle to school more often? *
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How safe do you think the A39 in West Somerset is for cyclists? *
Extremely dangerous
Extremely safe
If there was more cycling infrastructure in West Somerset do you feel it would encourage you or your family to cycle when travelling in between towns and villages for journeys of less than 5 km/ 3 miles? *
Do you have any other comments on cycling in West Somerset?
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