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Thank you for your interest in our puppies!  We've been breeding for close to 15 years, and have owned Great Danes for 24 years as well. With all of the changes in the last couple of years in the world, we have decided to make a change and move to breeding our Great Dane females to a beautiful AKC Standard Poodle Male that has joined our family.  We are no longer breeding purebred Great Danes. We feel this hybrid will add the vigor that a purebred dog lacks. Commonly called Great Danoodles or Great Dane Doodles if you would like to research them online.  

We are located in Central New York in the Mohawk Valley and we do not ship our puppies. You can however fly to us and fly your puppy home with you.  We are very flexible on pick up days after they are 8 weeks of age, and usually prefer morning pick ups.  

We do NOT allow visitors due to bio-security reasons. The No Visitor policy means that you will not be invited to meet our dogs and puppies prior to a puppy purchase.  Bio-Security keeps any outside germs away from our breeding dogs.  Due to our own personal experiences, we are not open to risking our precious pets.  **Covid has accentuated this risk to our own personal safety, in addition to the dogs, so we feel even stronger on this point than ever. We practice no contact pick ups during the pandemic.**  

We have a very active Instagram account @vulpinedanes where we provide videos and pictures of all of our dogs so that you do not feel that you are missing out on that personal connection. Many of our puppy owners are on Instagram as well, so you can see a variety of what we have out there. We also help match puppies with families based on personality and your color/sex preferences, so that you get the right puppy for your family.  We do not let the puppy pick you in a personal setting. We do not believe this is the best way to find the perfect family member.  

Thank you for considering us as a breeder.  We will respond as soon as we are able. If you need to contact us immediately, just email us directly at  Thanks again!  - Talena
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