SY 2020-2021: Student Learning Preference
Parents of students in the Ralph C. Mahar Regional School are asked to select their preference of the proposed return-to-school options for September, 2020 for their child(ren). Please be sure to fill out a separate form for each of your children. PLEASE NOTE: the district has NOT finalized their reopening plan. The reopening plan will be made public in August. We are using information from this survey to assist with our reopening plans.

Please complete this form no later than August 1, 2020. We are trying to assess as many people as possible, regarding our reopening plans, models, and parental preferences. Regardless of the model you select, and may be assigned to, you should plan to remain in that model for the entire year (or until such time that we return to pre-COVID-19 conditions).

In addition, the curricula offering for the 2020-2021 school year may be reduced due to the dual models offered. A focus will be on providing students to core subject classes and providing electives as feasible to the mode of instruction and availability.

Option #1: Remote Learning Academy (RLA)

This proposed model is 100% remote (synchronous and asynchronous learning) and may be the most appropriate option to respond to the needs of those students and families who are immune-compromised or have preexisting conditions that prevent them from returning to school in-person. Preference will be given to those with medical needs to support their request. This option also may be appropriate for students who thrive in the remote learning environment.

This proposed model may be limited to core subject areas, with no or limited electives and/or unified arts options for this school year, for students in grades 7-12. The school will work with individual seniors to ensure they meet all necessary requirements for graduation. Parents who elect this proposed model are encouraged to keep their child(ren) is a consistent, stable model for the entire school year to ensure their child(ren) success. This model will require students have access to reliable, consistent internet services. Parents also acknowledge that additional family support may be required with ensuring students complete and submit all assignments, and increased communication will be required between the school and family.

Option #2: Hybrid Learning Academy (HLA)

This proposed model provides students with a combination of in-person and remote learning for the 2020-2021 school year only. Students will be placed in a cohort and attend school in-person on Mondays and Tuesdays with remote learning on Thursdays and Fridays; or attend in-person learning on Thursdays and Fridays with remote learning on Mondays and Tuesdays. All students will attend remote learning for 1/2 day on Wednesdays. Students in this model will have access to unified arts classes and some electives; however, families should anticipate that the offerings will be diminished due to the necessary staffing of the two models of instruction being offer this school year.

Parents who select this proposed model for their child(ren) should be prepared to move between the hybrid and fully remote option depending upon conditions relative to the pandemic and the current phased opening of the State and local district. The school will work with families who may have internet connectivity issues regarding the completion of assignments and the submission of work on remote learning days.

Please note the Ralph C. Mahar Regional School reserves the right to make changes to any and all aspects of this RCM Back-to-School Blueprint, as we consider community feedback, receive more guidance from the State, and continue to monitor COVID-19 trends.

Thank you in advance for being a valued member of the RCM community and helping to prepare for a safe and successful return to school.
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