NISAR Applications Working Groups

Early Engagers broadly encompass all people that engage with the NISAR mission before launch who are not directly a part of the NISAR Project, NASA NISAR Program or NISAR Science Team. Early engagers can engage by (in order of level of effort):

1. Following NISAR updates via email
2. Participating in Application Area Specific Workshops
3. Advocating for NISAR use (i.e., “champions” of the different applications communities) as part of the Envoy
4. Participating in Application Working Groups, which may span everything from calibration and validation, capacity building, or L3+ product development specific to the identified application area. Applications Working Groups are defined by actions needed by Application Area as identified by the Application Areas Specific Workshops (or subsequent working groups)


Independent of whether or not you are already affiliated with NISAR or are an Early Engager, if you plan to participate in a working group and would like to get email updates, please fill in this form.


For every working group, you will need to fill out this form again. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a limitation of the free-ware of the form and its reporting database.

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