The Community Citizen Charter
Self Determination Begins in the Community – The Community Citizen Charter
“We hold that the democratic movement in Hong Kong must rebuild and fortify its foundation, and this begins at the community level.”

For many years, Hong Kong people have struggled for democracy from a position of passivity. Instead of fostering a bottom up approach and incorporating democratic elements into the daily work and lives of the citizenry, past movements have largely been marked by an appeal to authority and an anticipation for response, as such the spirit of self determination and self organization for democratization have been sorely lacking. This state of affairs have been purposely propagated by the powers that be. For the past 30 years, the government have cultivated a monopoly on all levels of Hong Kong politics, systematically vanquishing any possibilities for communities to decide their own policies, all that remains are the District council and rural communities which are tightly controlled by the Beijing cartels. The result is that community politics have disintegrated into a sordid game of power distribution for the powerful and wealthy.

The umbrella movement gave us a glimpse of what could be, the key to unlocking Hong Kong’s true potential and the success of our democratic movement hinges on deep community involvement and public discussions. It is for this very reason that we have initiated the “The Community Citizen Charter”, our vision is to transform democratic supporters into “community conscious citizens”, to rejuvenate their enthusiasm for participating in local elections, to instigate reformation in the public inquiry and decision making process, to create a meaningful community life and a new political climate, to realize “real democracy” and “self determination” on the community level.

The Community Citizen Charter
We support the citizens who participate in the democratic movement to the following:

1) Community conscious citizens: We hold that the democratic movement in Hong Kong must rebuild and fortify its foundation, and this begins at the community level. We are willing to become “community conscious citizens”, embodying the spirit of self determination, we shall become more involved with our community and participate in public affairs.
2) Community self determination: Self determination at the community level will be the principle and force behind reforming community politics. Important community initiatives should first be discussed and scrutinized by a community assembly, furthermore certain budgetary items of the District council should be scrutinized and approved by the public.
3) Community economics: Initiating the “our community our responsibility” campaign, we wish to create shared economic resources and an environmentally conscious lifestyle network, linking citizens together in formidable resistance against corporate control, thereby restoring our dignity.
4) Community involvement: To become fully involved in community politics. To participate in community organizations such as district council elections, rural committee elections, owner’s corporations and PTA etc. To consolidate the power base for the democratic movement in Hong Kong.
5) Reforming the political system: Whilst we are getting more involved at the community level, we must strive to implement a more transparent democratic system at all levels of society, including a broadly representative and fair electoral system for the appointment of our Chief executive and the Legislative Council, resolute in our rejection of the 831 framework.

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