AFT solidarity with rank-and-file members in Baltimore: No redo! Support Diamonté Brown!
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The Petition
As proud members of the American Federation of Teachers, we call upon President Randi Weingarten to uphold democracy in the Baltimore Teachers Union by supporting the democratically elected leadership headed by Diamonté Brown. On May 15, in a democratic election, rank-and-file members of the BTU elected Diamonté Brown to the office of president. Since then, a committee appointed by the former president and without authority over the BTU election has announced that those results were invalid and has called for a new election.

This is not how democracy works. When new leadership is democratically elected, the former leadership does not get a “redo.” If President Weingarten allows an arbitrary “redo” to go forward in one local, it will set a dangerous precedent for other AFT locals across the country. It will signal to members that our union’s democratic processes cannot be trusted and that our voices do not count. For these reasons, we demand that President Weingarten stand with rank-and-file members of the BTU and uphold democracy in our union by preventing an illegal second election.

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