84 Eccleston Square: Feedback
Please have your say about the scheme!

The developer's own survey form seemed biased so we've added couple of questions to get a clearer picture of your views. We'll present the overall results to WCC and the developers but not your personal details.

There is a box at the bottom for any other comments you would like to make. You will be given a chance to edit your responses for a time after submission.

The existing building is an unremarkable pastiche of the surrounding residential architectural style.
Choose one
The proposed building is worse than the existing pastiche.
Residential use is appropriate for this area.
The transient population of the 99 rental apartments will have a noticeable impact on the Square and the local area.
The proposed design, combining traditional & contemporary influences, is respectful of the character of the area.
I would prefer this building to be...
You may select MULTIPLE options and add your own preference
The rear courtyard will improve views of the site from neighbouring buildings.
It is essential that there is a comprehensive construction management plan to ensure building works are carried out in a considerate manner.
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