Small Group and/or Class Interest
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Date Of Birth
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Where would you be comfortable meeting for small group?
How often are you able to meet with a small group? We highly recommend all groups meet at least every two weeks to keep continuity.
What time(s) the week are you able to meet on a consistent basis?
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Are you wanting to be in a group that has childcare?
These are other specifications I would love to share with other members of my small group:
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The following reasons describe why I'd like to try a small group or a Sunday morning class:
I'd would prefer a _______________ group:
If there were one topic of study that would really help me in my faith, it would be :
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I would like someone to contact me about being part of for at least 6 weeks?
I would be willing to lead a small group study for 6 weeks:
I wold be willing to host a small group study in my house:
I would be willing to help with childcare for a small group?
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