YIWP Weekday Minyan Signup 8/30/20-9/4/20
General Rules:
-Shacharit is indoors in the social hall. Mincha/Ma'ariv is outdoors in the parking lot.
- If a minyan exceeds capacity, we might split into two minyanim at different times
- You must wear a mask at all times
- Please maintain social distancing from other congregants
- All Men and Women above Bar/Bat Mitzvah Age are welcome
- Children Close to Bar Mitzvah Age (approximately 11 years old) are permitted, provided that they can sit through davening - there are no groups and/or other children's programming
- If you are sick, and/or have fever, do not come to minyan
- Bring your own Siddur/Chumash/Tallis
- You will receive a confirmation e-mail a couple of hours before Mincha/Ma'ariv and the night before for Shacharit.
- Signup is required - fill out the form once per person attending.

Specific Rules For indoor minyanim:
- There will be an usher to open the main doors for the first few minutes of davening
- Please enter through the main entrance, and exit through the exit doors in the social hall
- There are hand sanitizing stations spread throughout the social hall
- The seats are marked and placed to appropriate social distancing measurements - please do not move them from their marked areas
- The double seats are reserved for families who might be davening together
- Do not linger in the hallways
- All other rooms except for the social hall and downstairs bathrooms are off limits
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Shacharit Tuesday 9/1 7:45am *
Mincha / Ma'ariv Tuesday 9/1, 7:20pm *
Shacharit Wednesday 9/2, 7:45am *
Mincha / Ma'ariv Wednesday 9/2, 7:20pm *
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