BICA Volunteer Application
English Tutor Volunteers for North Korean Refugee teens and adults.
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1. Name (first and last name) If you have a Korean name, please type in 한글.
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Please pick every possible tutoring time slot. CST= US Central Standard time (no Daylight saving Season)
3-4pm CST - Seoul 6-7am
4-5 pm CST- Seoul 7-8am
5-6 pm CST-Seoul 8-9am
6-7pm CST Seoul 9-10am
8-9pm CST Seoul 11-12pm
9-10pm CST Seoul 12-1pm
6-7am CST Seoul 9 to 10 pm
7-8 am CST Seoul 10-11 pm
8-9 am CST Seoul 11-12 pm
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BICA is a Christian organization. Please give a brief account of your salvation experience (how you came to know Christ). If you are not a believer, feel free to leave this field blank.
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