Thurlow Park tree survey
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Nominate a location(s) for tree planting
Please be as specific as possible to enable tree officers to check the location for suitability. If you don't mind where on a street a tree could be planted, just give the street name. You could also specify which end of the street, or which number house/ business you think it could be planted by.

We will put every suggestion we receive to officers for consideration. We cannot guarantee that every suggested location can have a tree - not all locations can accommodate trees, due to factors like too narrow a pavement, utilities under the tarmac, etc. If there used to be a tree but isn't one there now, please include that detail as it will help us to check future suitability more easily.

We will also let officers know where there have been multiple requests for the same street or location - so do feel free to circulate this survey to neighbours to get their suggestions in for your street too.

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Choose a species
We think it's important that residents get a say over what happens in their street - so we want you to choose your preferred species of tree for the location(s) you have nominated.

We cannot promise that your first choice is available as it will depend on what is in stock at the nursery, so please let us know your top two choices and we'll try and choose one of those. Obviously, if others in your street have put forward their own suggestions then we will look for the most popular option across all responses.

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