2018-2019 Oak Prairie Band Registration
Please complete (with a parent) only after you have received your student's SCHEDULE and read the BAND HANDBOOK for the 2018-2019 School Year.
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ex. Yamaha, Selmer, Courtois, Armstrong, Jupiter, Getzen
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ex. YAS-23, 2SP
Instrument Serial Number
This is a specific number that is found on your instrument (usually on the back of woodwinds and on the valve casing of brass instruments). We collect this information so that if your instrument is lost or stolen, we can help you track it down.
Shirt Size (Adult Sizes) *
The Oak Prairie Music Department will be transitioning to a black polo shirt with the Oak Prairie Music logo on it. The uniform cost for all students is $25 for the new Polo Shirt. These Polos will be your child's uniform for their duration at Oak Prairie. In addition, Oak Prairie Band T-Shirts are available for students to purchase for $8.
Access to Technology at Home *
Extra-Curricular Activites
Please list all extra-curricular activities and recurring evening commitments that might interfere with rehearsals and performances. This could include Religious Education, Boy Scouts, Dance, Sports, etc. Note: This does not qualify as notification for a missed performance. That notification must be made 10 business days in advance of the anticipated absence in writing.
Extra-Curricular Bands
Students: What are two things you want me to know about about you? *
Parents: Are you interested in being the Band Photographer for the year?
We are looking to expand our coverage in local newspapers, through twitter and Facebook and would like your help!
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Parents: We would like to have a Fundraising chairperson who could coordinate our Fundraisers and Concert Program Advertisements. Would you be interested in being considered for the Fundraising Chair?
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Parents: We would like to have a parent or two who has a keen eye for design assist with preparing our concert programs. Required skills would be in using Google Docs (a template has already been created). Are you interested in our Concert Program design chair?
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I/We read the 2018-2019 Band Handbook and have added performance dates and times to our home calendar to minimize potential conflicts. *
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