Volunteer at NI Developers Conference
Running a conference takes a village... or rather a team!

If you'd like to volunteer in some capacity at the NI Developers Conference this year, fill out this form!

Please be aware, we will be using this data solely for the purposes of the NI Developers Conference administration of volunteers. Your responses here will not be shared beyond the organizers, although you may be invited to join a discussion channel to facilitate coordination. If you have any concerns or wish for your data to be amended or removed, please contact inbox@nidevconf.com
We will reach out over the weekend to people who registered their interest :)
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You can pick more than one, although we'll aim to respect people's time and keep their involvement to one of these time sessions
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No prior experience is needed!

We'll catch everyone up on what each job entails, where to be, and at what time.
Are you available before Saturday 22nd October? (for smaller events or volunteer jobs)
Volunteer Role Details
We want the day to be enjoyable for everyone! We will do our very best to find a role that you're happy and comfortable performing
Anything you particularly enjoy doing?
Anything you particularly dislike?
Anything particular that you would prefer not to do, or would not be in a position to do? (for instance, handling specific allergens, relaying between floors...)
How do you think friends and co-workers would describe your experience of standing in front of an audience?
How do you think friends and co-workers would describe your experience of event/meetup organization?
Do you have any experience as a care giver? *
Are you able / would you be interested in assisting attendees with specific accessibility requirements if needed? *
Care giving experience isn't required! We'll invite you to a dedicated session beforehand to run through how you can help accommodate for NIDC participants with special needs
T-shirt Sizing
Volunteer's will have a t-shirt and can collect it from the Organizer's Office on the day of the conference!
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