Wanna perform at Arizona Tiki Oasis?
We are seeking DJ's and unique performers who focus mostly on exotica/lounge/tiki.

Please be aware that band slots are already filled for 2020 but you are welcome to fill this out for this year just in case something opens up OR be considered for a future event

Note: Burlesque/ Go Go Dancers do NOT fill out this form!!
Name of Act / DJ Name *
What City are you from? (What should we list on our website for the public to see?) *
Number of people in your performance group *
Website/ Facebook Link etc *
For DJ's....What type of music you hope to spin at Tiki Oasis? *
60 word Bio (please proof as we will print this in our program!) *
Why should we book your act at Tiki Oasis? *
If you have video links or sound links of your set we would love you to share those with us!
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