Tufts N Trills Maine Coon Application
Thank you for taking the time to complete this application.  We know it's a long one but we want to find the very best homes for our kittens.  Our kittens are sold as indoor only pets. They may never be declawed. We do not place cats or kittens in smoking or vaping homes due to the increased chance of cancer from the tar and nicotine on ones skin, clothes and hair.  We also require a vet reference and that will be sent to you after review of this application.  Bear in mind we do actually call and speak to your vet.

All of our cats and kittens are fed a raw diet and we insist they continue on that diet.  Should you wish to make your own,  I am happy to provide a recipe and guidance.  If not then I can guide you to several fully nutritious options  that can be delivered right to your door.

Thanks again for your time in completing this application.   We try to answer all applications.

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Species of other animals. (dog, bird, snake, mouse, etc.) *
If so, what are their ages and have they been spayed, neutered or declawed? *
Why are you interested in a Maine Coon? *
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Do you have a color preference?     Or a color that you would rather not have? *
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How would you handle clawing or behavourial problems should they occur? *
It may take several weeks for your new pet to adjust to its new home; how do you plan to handle this period? If you have pets, how do you plan on introducing and integrating your new cat/kitten? *
Will you be the primary care giver of the cat to be adopted?  If no please  explain. *
Where will the cat be housed?  Where will the cat sleep in your home? *
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Do you have a vet?  And how near to your home is your vet? *
What brand of food do you feed your cats?    Wet or Dry? *
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It is recommended to have one more litter box than you have cats, where will the litter boxes be placed in your home? *
How many children are in your household?  (Ages and relationship to you) *
Any family members (including yourself) with allergies? *
How many current pets do you own or foster? *
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What are your feelings about declawing? *
Past Pets, ( owned, fostered and their current whereabouts) *
Have you ever surrendered an animal over to a rescue group or animal shelter?  If yes under what circumstances? *
Have you ever had an animal euthanized (put to sleep)?  If so under what circumstances?
Do you travel and how often? *
If yes, who will provide for the cat while you are away? *
How will emergencies be provided for when you are away? *
Maine Coons can live up to 15 to 20 years, what arrangements have you made for living arrangements should something happen to you? (Kitten/cat can always be returned to the breeder) *
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