Rover Veterinary Care was founded by Dr. Katie Matzke in 2020 to provide pets with caring and professional end of life care in the comfort of your home. At Rover Veterinary Care, your pet’s comfort and quality of life are our top priorities. Choosing a home euthanasia allows your pet to pass with dignity, peacefully and pain free, surrounded by family. We partner with West Coast Pet Memorial Services to provide cremation services.

We are here to talk you through the decision with empathy and compassion. We have flexible appointment times, including weekends and evenings, and we typically have same day availability. We primarily provide same day and next day care.

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call/text 775-800-6463
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With a private or individual cremation, your pet will be returned in the popular urn of your choosing (there is no extra cost for these urns). 
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5325 Louie Lane #20
Reno, NV 89511
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