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By filling out the the following form, you are authorizing Hoppe Tree Service to perform the work detailed on your proposal.  

Work Notification:  Hoppe Tree Service performs most of our notifications of scheduled work via email.  If no email address is on file we will contact via phone. We typically contact you one week prior to arrival with your schedule date.  If you prefer a phone call rather than an email notification, please let us know ahead of time. Dates and times are subject to change due to weather and other unforseen circumstances.  Hoppe Tree Service reserves the right to change your scheduled date if special circumstances arise. Please make sure to check your emails, and make sure we have an updated email on file.  

Plant Health Care visits are the exception.  Due to weather and job route planning we do not contact you ahead of time unless you have let us know ahead of time that you desire a notification prior to our arrival.

No Advance Notice Required:  If you have told your sales arborist, contacted our office, or check the box on this form allowing No Advance Notice our crew will plan on coming by when we are working in the area when we have available time.  We will attempt a courtesy call to let you know we will be arriving.  No Advance Notice jobs are often able to be performed faster, then pre-scheduled jobs.  

Work Completion and Invoicing: Upon completion of each service item or trip, Hoppe Tree Service sends out invoices for the completed service items.  Invoices are sent via email.  If no email address is on file we will send invoices via mail.  Tree removal projects with stump grinding are often completed on separate trips and invoiced separately.  Plant health care programs with multiple trips are invoiced separately.  By invoicing the work separately it allows us to keep better track of our work flow.
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Please list any special notes that you feel are important for us to know about your job.  Please note that our crews are trained arborists and the  majority of the time our crew can do the work described on the work order without you being present.  
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Often we are able to get to your job faster if we can come by when we are in the area, at a moment's notice.  This might mean that we will show up without calling ahead. If that's ok with you please check the box below.  Otherwise we will plan on contacting you ahead of time typically thru email.
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