News Coverage and Storytelling
Rate your newsroom on a scale of 1 to 5 in the following areas.
How does your newsroom use live event coverage?
No live coverage
All breaking news and events are covered live in multiple formats (livetweeting, liveblogs, live chats and/or video livestreams), barring strong reasons not to cover live (funeral, judge won’t allow, no connectivity, etc.).
When does your newsroom publish content on digital platforms?
Digital content is posted after editing for print.
Digital platforms feature fresh news every morning. Breaking news, fresh content and event coverage are posted during the day with frequent updates as facts are verified and as stories unfold.
When and how does your newsroom publish most significant enterprise stories?
Enterprise stories are usually Sunday print stories, published digitally on Saturday or Sunday.
All enterprise is planned for digital platforms, featuring digital-only content, published during the week before Sunday print publication.
What kind of opinion journalism does your newsroom produce?
Traditional editorial page, columns and letters.
Opinion content is a mix of editorials, columns, cartoons, staff blogs, community blogs, live chats, other collaborations with community, videos and other interactive content.
How does your newsroom use beat blogs?
No beat blogs.
Most reporters have beatblogs and publish primarily in their blogs.
How does your newsroom use data?
No use of databases.
Data used extensively in daily, feature, sports and enterprise coverage, produced in multiple ways: staff specialists, staff members with basic skills, Thunderdome projects.
How does your newsroom handle photography?
Photographers take pictures for print edition and publish them for digital platforms as well.
Reporters and visual journalists file photos quickly from breaking news scenes and events. Newsroom regularly solicits and curates photos from community. Visual journalists produce frequent Media Center photo galleries.
How does your newsroom handle videos?
No videos.
Reporters and video journalists produce and quickly post Touts with most stories. Newsroom livestreams important events and breaking stories. Newsroom produces frequent webcasts. Newsroom solicits and curates community videos. Visual journalists produce storytelling videos with big stories.
How interactive is your newsroom's content?
Stories are similar on print and digital platforms.
Newsroom experiments with storytelling and curation tools to make stories more interactive with quizzes, interactive databases, maps, polls, timelines and other features that help users experience stories, rather than simply reading or watching them.
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