Private Meetings with Paul or Ulrika
Thank you for inquiring about a private meeting with Paul or Ulrika. They are both available to meet with individuals online, in person, or for a walk in nature.

These private sessions are helpful for anybody who cannot make a group meeting or for those who want to discuss something in private. There is no set format for a private session. The meetings are fully confidential and we will explore whatever you wish to. Private meetings are supported by your conscious donation.

Please complete the booking form below and then make a donation either on Revolut IBAN- GB45 REVO 00997040879431 BIC- REVOGB21 or PayPal account (choose the option to 'send money to family and friends') We will then get back to you to offer you a meeting time.

If you require long term 1-1 work then paul's partner Ulrika is a highly trained therapist. Her website and contact details can be found here You can also book a session with her using the booking form at the bottom of this document.


How much should I donate?
This will depend on your financial situation and the value you place on these meetings.
As a guide, most people donate between £40 -£70 for a private meeting.
Some people donate more and some less.

How long do private meetings last?
Paul allows 30-40 minutes for online private meetings, and one hour for nature walks.

Do I have to complete this form again if I want another private meeting?
No. You only have to do this once.
After this, email to arrange future individual meetings.

Is there anything else I should know?
Please be ready for the meeting 5 minutes before our start time and if you need to reschedule the meeting please give at least 48hrs notice.

By attending a private or a group meeting with Paul or Ulrika you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions here

Please read them carefully before booking or attending any meetings, retreats or private sessions.

Warm regards

Meetings in Stillness Team

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