Returning Staff Application Form for Summer 2019
Hi friends! Please fill out the following form in order to return to camp in 2019! Ariel will contact you for an interview within a week of submitting your form.
We want your answers to be thoughtful and to have substance, so we have left quite a lot of space for answers. This does not mean we need an essay for each answer! A few sentences will do as long as the quality is there :)
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IF YOU HAVE YOUR BRONZE CROSS ONLY: Are you interested in completing a FREE Instructor's course to be on swim staff this summer?
If you are applying to HEAD STAFF only, please answer the following questions. You may indicate your interest for head staff here and email the answers to Ariel separately. Email answers must be submitted one week before your scheduled interview time. 1) Describe a situation where you have been a supervisor of your peers 2) What are your top three qualities that would make you an asset on the Head Staff Team? 3) What do you think would be your biggest challenge as a supervisor? 4) Describe your experience in customer service and/or talking to parents. 5) Remind us - what was the most creative costume you've created for camp? What was the theme, and what did you do?
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