2019 Call for Annual Conference Presenters - Educate for Equity
Educate for Equity - SAANYS 2019 Annual Conference - Sagamore Resort, October 20-21, 2019

How does EQUITY become more than a buzz word and result in actions that result in more affirming, inclusive and culturally responsive schools and classrooms?

This year’s theme, Educate for Equity, focuses on rising to the challenge of meeting the needs of diverse student populations and rapidly changing communities.

We are seeking member practitioner workshops that focus on the many aspects of Equity, from the perspective of our varied leadership roles. We want to hear what you are doing in your schools. What’s working and what are you learning along the way? Tell your school’s story, and share your expertise with colleagues from across New York State at this year’s October 20-21 conference at the beautiful Sagamore Resort in Lake George. We hope to receive submissions from SAANYS members at all levels: certified and essential service leaders as well as all building and district roles.

Dr. Sharroky Hollie, executive director of The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CCRTL) and author of multiple books on Culturally Responsive Leadership, will be there with us to set the tone for what will surely be an enlightening and memorable personal and professional experience.

Some Quotes to Get You Thinking
“It’s easy to see equity in education as a matter of fairness, access, and inclusion, but that’s only the case if what’s being fairly accessed is a system of teaching and learning and a school culture that’s fluid, responsive, dynamic, neutral, and able to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse world.”
-Terry Heick, Equity in Education: Where to Begin?

“What schools traditionally do is give every student the same thing. That is not equity. That is equality. Equity is providing each student with what they need, not providing all students with the same thing.”
-Raymond Terrell, Professor Emeritus, Miami University

Some Workshop Ideas
Diverse student populations with regard to race, gender, language, poverty, rural/urban, students who think differently / access to technology / equity for students with ACES….

Think outside the box:

Creating and sustaining a welcoming and affirming culture and environment / culturally responsive leadership / Inclusive and equitable curriculum and assessment / what inclusive practices look like in real schools / developing students’ abilities to connect across lines of difference / social and emotional learning for equity / building bonds with marginalized student and parent populations / tapping into student voice to assess equity in your school / how facility considerations directly impact student equity / bringing all staff into the equity tent / professional learning and training around equity for support staff, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and others/ equity for students with different learning styles / leadership actions that promote student equity / rethinking approaches to discipline/equity actions for certified and essential service leaders / equity as it translates to access in course selection/instructional strategies that adapt to diverse learning styles / celebrating differences everyday: beyond the yearly food fair/awareness of hidden bias/leadership actions to promote respectful student interactions / tweeting for equity; revamping your home / school communication using technology and social media / equity in physical education programs/positive pipelines / ESSA and equity.

Submission Deadline - March 29, 2019
A conference committee consisting of SAANYS members, leadership, and directors will convene in April to review proposals and determine which proposals will be included in the program. In addition to the inherent quality of the proposals, usefulness to attendees, and creation of a balanced program will be considerations. Everyone who has submitted a proposal will be notified via email by the end of April. We recognize and appreciate the time and effort required in preparing a submission and thank you in advance for your proposal. We regret that only a limited number of proposals can be accepted. If you have any questions about the proposal process, please contact Karen Bronson, SAANYS director of professional learning, at kbronson@saanys.org.
PLEASE NOTE THAT PREFERENCE IS GIVEN TO PROPOSALS FROM MEMBER PRACTITIONERS. Presenters associated with a commercial enterprise must agree to have their company or organization participate as corporate sponsor and must present with a SAANYS member. Contact dtaylor@saanys.org for more information.

PRESENTERS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER FOR AT LEAST ONE DAY OF THE TWO DAY CONFERENCE. Presenters will be responsible for the cost of registration, meals, housing, and travel. (A maximum of two presenters (lead presenter and co-presenter) may register at a reduced presenter’s rate.)
IMPORTANT Information Items Prior to Your Submission:
• Audience is composed of NYS school leaders.
• Your workshop will be scheduled for either Sunday, October 20 or Monday, October 21, 2019.
• Workshops are 75 minutes in length.
• You may present alone or with a partner (maximum of two presenters).
• Presenters must be paid, registered, attendees for at least one conference day (see above).
• Workshops should be built around activities that promote active participation and interaction with attendees.
• Workshops need to identify 2-3 ‘takeaways’ that are practical applications that attendees can readily implement in their schools.
• Powerpoint slides and workshop materials will be posted on the SAANYS website following the conference.
• Hardcopy handouts are optional.
• SAANYS will provide the following equipment: LCD projector with connection cables for PC laptops, projection screen, internet access and sound, flip chart, and markers.
• SAANYS will NOT provide: laptops (plan to bring your own), connection cables for Mac computers (VGA and audio), any other A/V equipment including VHS/DVD projectors, overhead projectors, or copying services.
• If you plan to show video clips, they must be loaded onto your laptop and tested ahead of time.
Proposals Must Include:
• Presentation title.
• 50 word blurb to be used in the conference program.
• A statement on theme alignment.
• A brief overview of the content of your presentation.
• Goals of the presentation.
• Identify 2-4 tools, ideas, or strategies participants will take away from the workshop.
• Opportunities for interaction and reflection that are part of the presentation.
• Your qualifications, experiences, and accomplishments related to the presentation topic.
Selection Criteria for Proposals:
• How well does the proposal relate to the theme of Educate for Equity?
• Is the proposal creative in its approach and does it exhibit innovative ideas?
• Are the presentation delivery techniques varied to meet the needs of the participants?
• Does the proposal allow for a high level of interaction and engagement?
• Does the proposal provide participants with practical information they can actually use?
Educate for Equity - Presentation Proposal
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