FERC 2017 in 2017 Challenge
Earn 2017 point by December meeting and be rewarded with the following prizes

Official rules:
Sign up deadline of February 28th.
- $5.00 Entry fee for current FERC members / $10.00 Entry fee for non-members (Includes 1 year FERC Membership)
- Enter your total mileage each month using online form and receive 1 point per mile. (Miles are accumulated during workouts only and can consist of running and / or walking miles only). You can enter multiple mileage amounts per month. Points are automatically tallied each month.
- Participate in listed events and receive 50 points each. (50 x 13 = 650 possible)
- Volunteer for listed events and receive 100 points each. (100 x 13 = 1300 possible)
- Only enter a race once. Points will automatically be added to the appropriate month the event took place.
- Come to FERC monthly meetings and receive 50 points each month. (50 x 12 = 600 possible)
- Special point awards will be announced each month. Attend the meetings to find out more.

All entries are subject to review and verification.

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