Clifton Community Fund Grant Application

Program Description

The Clifton Community Fund (CCF) seeks to preserve, beautify and enhance Clifton. CCF guarantees that donated monies are spent only for material, tangible projects in and for Clifton.  Grants will not be awarded to events, programs or other non‐tangible needs such as political, religious or educational activities.  CCF encourages non‐profit organizations, community groups or individuals in alliance with a non‐profit organization to submit projects that advance the goals of the Clifton Community Fund.

Program Objectives

A Clifton Community Grant provides funding for projects that beautify neighborhoods and public spaces in Clifton.  Community groups and non‐profit organizations can use this funding to assist with planning, organizing and implementing projects or activities on public property located in Clifton.

Eligibility Guidelines
•    Registered non‐profit organizations  
•    Individuals or community groups partnered with registered non‐profit organizations

Application Process
 Detailed description of the project.
 A detailed budget.
 List any partner organizations or individuals
 Approved applicants are notified of the grant amount and conditions of accepting the funding.

Approved Uses of Grant Funds

Projects should align with the purpose of the Clifton Community Fund.   
•    Are environmental and sustainable
•    Have a positive impact on the community  
•    Are publicly accessible and visible (projects on private property require written authorization from the
property owner)

Examples include, but are not limited to:
•    Murals
•    Community gardens
•    Seasonal displays
•    Historical plaques

Ineligible Expenses
•    Support for ongoing programs or services
•    Projects that can be done by volunteers  
•    Operating expenses not directly related to the project for which the grant was awarded  
•    Expenditures or financial commitments made before the organization’s grant application was submitted
•    Temporary projects  

Reporting Requirements
•    The description of the project.
•    The name of the supporting non‐profit agency.
•    The goal and purpose of the project.
•    The sustainability of the project.
•    Any maintenance and storage plans.
•    Safety considerations.
•    Time line for completion of the project.  
•    Level of visibility and community access.
•    Applicants name, phone number and Email address.  

Once approved, applicants are required to provide:  
•    Before, during, and after photos of the project
•    Examples of how the organization publicly recognized the Clifton Community Fund
•   Record of volunteer involvement

Notification of Grant Recipient
All grants are accepted by this form at any time.  The grant will be forwarded by Email to each member of the CCF Board by the President, discussed at the following bi‐monthly meeting and voted on after due consideration. (This may take more than one meeting. The grant petitioner will be notified by Email.
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