Integrated Skills Program 2
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L4T2J - Learning about a hot topic
In this lesson, we're going to learn and talk about junk food.
Task One: Read the text about today's topic. Answer the questions.
Junk food is food that has a lot of calories but not a lot of nutrients or ‘good things’ that we need, for example vitamins.
1. What does junk food have a lot of?
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It is usually food that can be prepared and served quickly and can be packaged and taken away to eat. It is usually cheap to buy but unhealthy to eat.
2. Is junk food usually expensive?
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Popular junk food dishes include pizza and burgers as well as snacks like donuts, potato chips, and cookies.
3. What junk food dishes does the text tell not us about?
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We can also get a lot of calories from unhealthy junk food drinks like cola. People often don’t realise how many calories they get from drinks because they don’t make them feel as full as food.
4. What junk food drink does the text tell us about?
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Junk food often contains high levels of fat and more carbohydrate and protein than it is healthy to eat in one meal. It also contains a lot of salt and chemicals.
5. Apart from fat and carbohydrate, what other unhealthy things are in junk food?
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Dan Logan has a weekly podcast called Hot Topic. In it, he talks about topics of interest.
Task Two: Listen to the introduction to Dan's podcast and complete the sentences below.
Arguments FOR banning junk food in schools
1. Junk food makes students _____ .
2. Students can _____ junk food.
3. Junk food causes _____ from packaging and transportation.
Arguments AGAINST banning junk food in schools
1. Junk food gives students _____ for sports and activities.
2. Junk food is popular and the school can _____.
3. Banning something makes the students _____.
Task Three: Sam is asking Jennifer about the topic. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
Sam: How often do you eat junk food?
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Sam: What’s your favourite kind of junk food?
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Sam: Why is junk food bad for us?
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Sam: Why do you think people like eating junk food?
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Sam: Do you think that junk food should be banned in schools?
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Task Four: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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