ProjectWork and Project Management
This tutorial helps you to understand:
- Project versus operations
- Project plan
- Project phases
- Communication and documentation with Google Drive and ProjectWork
- Resource management and Project Management Office
Quiz questions are included to test your understanding.

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- ProjectWork and Google Drive
- ProjectWork and Project Planning

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Project versus operations
A project is used to create a result:
- Unique and complex effort with clear start and finish
- Multi-disciplinary and temporary team
- Set of activities restricted in resources (people and material)

The opposite of a project is operations. A difference is in the effort to reach the result. A project lacks the routine of previous projects and therefore requires careful planning upfront. Operations typically involves present service to customers along established procedures. Projects can lead to changes in the operations.

Project or operations?
6 points
Repair a car
Operate a helpdesk
Build a house
Design a new website
Perform a photo shoot
Introduce new logistics system
Project plan
When you decide for a project you need to manage it due to its complex nature. Everything that needs to be managed is put in a project plan.
What needs to be managed?
1 point
Project phases
To manage a project it is typically divided into phases. Milestones are placed between phases to conclude a phase and to decide on a new phase. Be aware that too many phases and milestones make the project execution too sequential which takes too long.

Phases according to PMBOKĀ® (Project Management Book Of Knowledge):
- Initiating: based on a business need a project is defined
- Planning: how the project is to be realized
- Execution: project deliverables are realized
- Monitoring and Controlling: execution within time, cost and quality
- Closing: formal handover to the business

In what phase?
One topic per phase
5 points
Derive lessons learned
Define scope
Report status
Create project plan
Calculate Earned Value
Communication and Documentation
A project requires extensive communication during all phases. Google Calendar is useful to organize meetings for this. Input and results can be noted in Google Slides and Google Docs. These documents can be attached to Calendar events.

Documentation during a project can be extensive on both product and management side. Product documents are part of the project result, management documents describe the processes to come to the result. Google Drive can contain different type of documents.

Product or management documentation?
5 points
Quality plan
Design drawing
Time schedule
Budget calculation
Implementation plan
Project management application ProjectWork ( can be used during all project phases.
What can ProjectWork do for you?
1 point
Resource management
Organizations that use projects as part of their core business want to allocate resources across their projects from a central place to have total overview. In ProjectWork this is possible by opening a ProjectWork-Resources schedule. Resources listed here can be assigned to one or more ProjectWork project schedules. The (over)-allocation is visible in the ProjectWork-Resources schedule.

In a matrix organization each resource manager can have its own ProjectWork-Resources schedule. In other words a project can have multiple resource sources.

Project Management Office
A PMO is responsible for projects as a product within an organization.
Typical task for PMO?
1 point
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