Application form for 5th Canadian Virtual Wing
Membership form for those wishing to join the ranks of the 5th Virtual Wing of Canada.
Who are we looking for?
Person with a good attitude and motivated. Being able to critical self and receiving, always aiming to improve. actively participate in the activities of the squadron. Shared his knowledge with others. Whether stimulated with group activities and team spirit have "the lone wolf" it does not work with us. Acting with respect between members. Do not over take seriously, it's still entertainment, but we made every effort to have fun ... seriously :)
Our pre-requisite:
- Be 18 or older;
- French Speaking (Comms are in english, but you're expected to understand both official language);
- Have a computer with the minimum system requirement for running DCS World;
- Have a registered version of DCS World and flyable modules;
- Possess a high speed internet connection for online flight;
- Have a controller system (stick, Throttle, HOTAS style of Saitek, Thrustmaster, Logitech or CH Product);
- Owning a headset with microphone is mandatory (for communication on Teamspeak 3, online flight);
- Be available for training and operation atleast once a week;
- Have a good dose of good humor and want to work in a team.
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