Parent Climate Survey- Elementary
This survey is designed to get your opinions concerning some aspects of school climate and your attitudes concerning the school in which your child attends. Your input is very important. Your responses are strictly anonymous and you will not be asked to identify yourself at any time during the survey. Please respond honestly and completely.
Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to respond.
Please name your child's school:
Child's grade:
Adults who work in my child’s school treat families/students with respect.
My child’s school tries to get all families to be part of school activities.
My child’s teachers encourage him/her to try out new ideas (think independently).
Parents and teachers work as a team to educate my child.
Adults in my child’s school have high expectations for students’ success.
My child’s teachers let me know when he/she does a good job.
My child’s school makes an effort to keep my family and me informed about what’s going on in school.
I have visited my child's school.
I believe my child is physically safe while in school.
The school returns my phone calls, messages and/or e-mails promptly.
I think parents and families feel comfortable talking to teachers.
I think parents/guardians feel welcome at my child’s school.
The campus administrator/s make me feel good about visiting my child’s school.
I feel that my child fits in at his/her school.
I am satisfied with my child’s academic progress.
As a parent, I like my child’s school.
My child needs a mentor or a positive role model in school.
Finish the following thoughts, feel free to use the back of this paper to expand on your thoughts.Untitled Title
“What I like most about my child’s school is ......." *
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“If I could change one thing in my child’s school, I would…..” *
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Do you feel your child’s culture is celebrated at school? If not, what culture would you like to see incorporated?
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