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A5. Do you believe this script has commercial potential? Why or why not? *
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B1. Detailed Evaluation. Theme. *
Rate the Theme. Max 10 points. Explain your rating. Consider its relevance to the current environment in which kids live and include suggestions for improvement.
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B2. Detailed Evaluation. Plot and structure. *
Rate the plot and structure. Max 25 points. Explain your rating. Include reference for clarity, narrative logic, emotional impact, dramatic drive and structure of the story line. Describe the conflict and resolution if appropriate.
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B3. Detailed Evaluation. Characters and dialogue. *
Rate the characters, character development and dialogue. 25 points max. Explain your rating. Consider the motivations and dimensionality of the characters, the wit, economy, humor and power of the dialogue, the rhythm, pace and tone of the script and the voice of the writing style.
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B4. Detailed Evaluation. Benefits. *
Rate the benefits. 15 points max. Explain your rating. In terms of child development and pro-social modeling, does this story enhance a child's understanding of the world in which he/she lives? Does he/she learn a moral or lesson? If so, describe. Remember, the benefit may simply be entertainment.
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B5. How are questioning, probing and problem-solving developed and are they appropriate to the intended age group? *
Does it support inquiry and investigation?
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C1. Changes. *
What changes would you recommend to increase its success and a KIDS FIRST! rating?
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C2. Content Accuracy *
Please comment on the accuracy of information including but not limited to grammar, spelling and punctuation.
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Give your final rating and explain using the criteria below. Summarize as if you are speaking to someone who has never read this screenplay. Be expressive and enthusiastic, and give details. If your final rating is ALL-STAR, please choose 1-2 categories from the All-Star guidelines in which it excels.
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