Live Stream Church and COVID Feedback
As we navigate a new reality during the spread of COVID-19, we need to shift how we function in order to serve one another and our community. In order to lead you well, to connect resources to needs, and continue in the mission of Jesus we need to understand your situation and perspective. We need to know what you need, how you are feeling, and what you can offer. Please fill out as much of this form as you feel comfortable so we can make decisions for the thrive family with the best possible information.

We love you. You aren’t alone. Jesus is still with us. Let’s be God’s family.

- Andrew
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With more time to prepare, we hope to provide a much richer and fuller Sunday morning streaming experience. It also seems that even smaller in home watch parties may be unwise for some/all in the coming weeks. Please share your preferences regarding thrive digital gatherings during the containment period:
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Considering the need to meet virtually, I was satisfied with the streaming church experience this last Sunday
It's really important to me that the Sunday worship experience is fully live and interactive. So I would rather use a video chat tool like Zoom for our gatherings.
I hope our Sunday experience includes musical worship, even if it's pre-recorded or low-tech
I am hoping for more virtual small group options throughout the week
If thrive were to host extra virtual hangouts, studies, prayer times, etc. What would you be most interested in? (Check all that apply):
If thrive were to host extra virtual hangouts, studies, prayer times, etc. What times/days would you prefer?
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