Liberty Bay Police Department
Application for Employment
Careers at LBPD
There are many opportunities to become part of the Liberty Bay Police Department either as a sworn or civilian employee. The members of the Liberty Bay Police Department are dedicated to the advancement of community policing and the development of a partnership with our citizens. Our Department holds a promising future for individuals who are genuinely interested in a challenging career to protect and serve.
LBPD Requirements
● Applicants must be a citizen of Liberty Bay
● 18+ years old in Real Life
● 30+ day old Avatar
● Be capable of purchasing required equipment as designated by the department (500L$-1000L$)
LBPD Time Commitment
Members of the Liberty Bay Police Department are expected to dedicate no less than 30 hours per month (real time) to their activities as a sworn or civilian employee.
Role-play Disclaimer
When completing this application, you should remember that unless otherwise stated all information should be considered in a Role-play context. The Liberty Bay Role-Play reserves the right to collect basic Real Life demographics regarding Police Department Applicants for the purpose of evaluation of their ability to perform tasks or be exposed to the potentially adult situations encountered by a Law Enforcement Officer.
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