F3 D4 Talent Rehearsal Conference 2017
Guidelines for the 2017 Talent Rehearsal Conference Consent Form DUE APRIL 1, 2017.
1. During the talent competition rehearsals which are held on the day of the contestant's preliminary night talent, the contestant is allowed one brief conference with a designated, authorized individual approved by the local preliminary organization. This form authorizes that Local delegate.
2. Immediate family members and pageant coaches are allowed as talent representatives. (FYI: They are not allowed at Miss America in the conference however).
3. You will meet a designated person at the Auditorium doors or designated area and taken in for your conference.
a time schedule will be shared later.
4. The meeting is held in the Robinson Center Auditorium designated area immediately following the contestant's first talent run-through.
We have limited time for rehearsal and a lot of people are involved. Pay attention and be ready to follow the Production staff talent conference staff persons direction.
5. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to meet with contestants during this time.
6. Use the tab key or the mouse to move between fields. If a required field is not entered, you will receive an automatic prompt.
7. If you should decide to change the name of the talent representative, please notify your chaperone or Field Operations Director immediately.

After you close out of the form, just click on the link and it will take you back to complete your application entries. . A receipt acknowledgement along with a copy of this info will automatically forward to your e-mail address.

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Talent Representative (1): Will be your Local Executive Director. Please list the NAME.
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Talent Representative (2): Please list the NAME of the talent conference representative(s) and their relationship to the contestant (i.e., Talent Coach, Local Executive Director, Board Member, Family Member etc.).
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Talent Representative (2) Relationship to contestant. Check one only. If you check other, enter relationship
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