Quantifying Impacts of the 2018-19 Partial Federal Shutdown
Our Environmental Science and Resource Management Program at California State University Channel Islands is attempting to better understand the impacts of the recent, 35-day partial government shutdown upon agencies, resources, and federal science. Media reports over the final few weeks of the shutdown focused on the impacts to federal workers with the impacts on science and resource protection unclear.

A few of the following questions require a response, but most do not and may be skipped if you so wish. In addition, most questions include an "other" option allowing you to provide an alternative to the default options. At the conclusion of this survey is an option to provide any additional information you feel relevant.

We also provide an option for you to submit links to web resources which have already inventoried impact upon organizations or jurisdictions.

At the end of this survey is an option to supply your email contact. While we would appreciate this for potential follow-up or clarification, your contact will be held in confidence, never shared or published, and dissociated from the resulting dataset upon closure of this survey. We are sensitive to the fact that many federal employees and partners are concerned about wading into this already fraught topic that has had polarizing impacts across our county and do not seek to further any such discord. We too are concerned with the growing politicization of basic federal endeavors and do not seek to add fuel to this fire. Rather we seek to quantify the impact of such a shuttering of federal activities as a matter or historical record and to incorporate this understanding into our research, teaching, and public engagement efforts.

Upon closure of this survey, our anonymized results will be posted on our websites: http://esrm.zone & http://piratelab.org

Questions about this survey can be directed to Dr. Sean Anderson; sean.anderson@csuci.edu
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