Safe Sanctuary Training Evaluation
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At the very least, how many adults must be present with preschoolers and children during school and church activities? *
How long should a teacher or volunteer need to be a member or regular attender of the church to work with preschool or elementary-aged children? *
Must an adult always supervise a helper between the ages of 12-17? *
Should non-workers be allowed to wander into a classroom or children’s area? *
All workers should have a background check every ________ year(s): *
If you ever witness a questionable situation involving an adult and child, what should you immediately do? *
Child sexual abuse always involves physical contact with children. *
Most child molesters are male. *
Child molesters are usually strangers. *
Most churches screen workers for potential molesters. *
An adult who claims to be religious no longer presents a threat to children. *
A 50-cent coin is about the same diameter as a young child’s throat. *
What are the three steps to stopping child abuse: *
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