2022 Primary Election: Candidate Endorsement In-Take Request Form  
Accion Política PCUNista is PCUN's electoral program. All Oregonian's do better, when our democracy works for everyone. This is why APP focuses on building the Latinx vote - by supporting progressive allies, and BIPOC candidates, as well as ballot initiative that improve the lives of working families.

Welcome to our in-take form, this is NOT our questionnaire. After reviewing this intake form, we will invite you to fill out our questionnaire in preparation for an in-person interview with a committee of members - who volunteer their time to meet you - and you will be able to make the case for our endorsement with them.

Due to the fact that our committee is made up of volunteers, we designate several weekends leading up to major SOS deadlines to interview candidates. If we do not get your request by those dates, you may have to wait until our next round of interviews (no acceptations).  You can schedule a conversation with our field director to get those dates!

PCUN prioritizes BIPOC candidates, due to the barriers experienced in campaigns and politics. However, this does NOT guarantee our endorsement. PCUN looks at several factors to determine its endorsements. We're a small but mighty crew that does a lot with our limited resources, we try to be as thoughtful and intentional as possible so we can make a difference. These are the criteria we utilize, to make decisions:

1) Values Alignment.
2) Politics and the landscape in your race.
3) Viability of your campaign, and showing us a path to victory.
4) Geography and your plan to get Latinx voters engaged.
5) We look at your current endorsements, and if they align with our partners.
6) You have a proven track record of supporting our community, PCUN, and the issues.

*We reserve the right not to invite candidates to an endorsement interview if the race is not a PCUN priority (again due to limited resources).

If you have any questions, please email PCUN's Field Director: aprilalvarez@pcun.org 

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Primary contact/Campaign Manager
Campaign Fundraising Goal
How much money have you raised currently?
Do you have an opponent? If yes, what is the likelihood of you winning that race?
Who else has endorsed you?
What are you looking for in APP's/PCUN's endorsement?
This is for informational purposes only. Marking any of the options does not commit Accion Politica PCUNista to do any of these activities/actions.
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Why do you believe you're campaign is a good fit for the PCUN endorsement? (See our mission and vision on our website)
Are you committed to practicing Age Justice, Class Justice, Racial Justice, Gender Justice, Worker Justice, Reproductive Justice, and Disability Justice through Respect and value of the voices of students and families especially BIPOC, low-income, students with disabilities, younger folks, LGBTQ2+, immigrant and refugee, and rural. Why or why not?
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