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Section 1: Basic Information
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Section 2: Accessibility
Complete this section by selecting one response per question. You will have a chance to add notes at the end of the form.
Parking spaces are specifically alloted for people with disabilities and for easy drop-off/pick-up for children with special needs *
All of the doors in our building comply to ADA standard guidelines, allowing people in wheelchairs or other motor-assistive devices to comfortably enter and leave the space. *
Direction signs and announcements are accessible to all. (Written signs are in large font with contrasting colors and have braille available; verbal announcements are made loudly and clearly; fire alarms use both sound and light notifications.) *
Restrooms are fully accessible including doorways, toilets, sinks, trash cans, and paper towels. *
Mezuzot are placed at low levels for easy access. *
There are railings to hold in hallways. *
Direction signs indicate where the nearest elevator and/or ramp is. *
People with physical disabilities are able to get onto and off of the bima. *
Large print text is available for all materials that the general population uses (books, songsheets, siddurim/prayer books, notices, etc.) *
Any text or announcement made in Hebrew is also made in English. *
Unscented soap, lotion, and cleaning materials are consistently used. *
Sign language interpretation is made available when requested. *
Ritual items are made available to all and placed at levels that people with various abilities can reach and utilize (kippot, tallitot, Torah) *
Section 3: Current Culture
Please answer the questions below as completely as possible
What brought you to Rosh Pina? *
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What does the word INCLUSION mean to you? *
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What would inclusion look like at your institution? *
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What makes your institution inclusive? Who is included? *
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What makes your institution UNinclusive? Who is NOT included? *
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What have you done thus far to make your institution inclusive? *
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What are two things you'd like to do to make your institution more inclusive? *
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Section 4: Leadership Team
To promote the success of your project we suggest identifying a Leadership Team to help guide the process. This team should have at least three people and should include a synagogue leader (President/Director), a member of the clergy, one educator and one lay leader.
Name and Title of Synagogue Leader
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