Coach's Questionnaire - Fast Functional Fitness
If you are interested in receiving any of the coaching services, please provide some background information as requested. Allow adequate time (about 15-20 minutes) to complete it in sufficient detail.

Please note that submitting a response does not guarantee that coaching can be provided. In addition to limitations on the number of clients that can be taken on, it is important that the coach and athlete are compatible in terms of goals, expectations, and what can be offered/delivered. Whatever the case may be, you should expect to receive a response back within 2-3 business days.

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How motivated and dedicated would you say you are towards achieving the goals you set in your athletic pursuits?
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Any history of injuries? (Traumatic, overuse, or otherwise that could limit activity today or in the near future)
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What are your top 3 fitness goals for the upcoming year?
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Which level of coaching would you be most interested in? *
(If there is some other arrangement that might suit you better please feel free to suggest it in the "Other" description field. A "Basic" option will likely be available in the near future as a ready offering.)
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