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Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 will be held in Fredericksburg, VA on July 30 - August 3. By completing this form, University of Mary Washington faculty, staff, adjuncts, and graduate students can apply to attend. Registration includes breakfast and lunch throughout the Lab. Participants take 1-day and/or 4-day courses and work collaboratively in small workshop-style cohorts. Each track is open to all backgrounds and skill levels.

Dedicated spots for members of the UMW community are supported by the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis, so please submit as early as possible.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Sean Michael Morris, Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab in the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies, at

For more information about the event, visit
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This year’s event will offer three options for participation: 1-day courses, 4-day courses, or a combination of both. We’re excited to introduce our 1-day courses on Monday, July 30 as a way for participants to dive into subjects not previously covered at DPL. They’re also a perfect way to dip your toes into ideas you’ve been curious about. As always, DPL's keynotes will be open to the entire UMW community.

Take a look at the web site ( to find out more about the courses being offered, and then let us know how long you plan to join us.
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